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In Love (with candid photos)

In the recent months, one of the most frequent requests I have gotten from clients is that they want to look "natural" in their wedding portraits. It is clear to me- over the top double exposures and intricately posed photography is becoming a thing of the past. That leads us to ask- what makes candid shooting so beautiful and eye catching that it's taking the wedding photography world by storm? The simple truth comes down to one fact- a candid photo shows what is happening in a moment without any added context. It allows us to make our own story around the picture- meaning there can be many different interpretations of what is happening in a candid photo. I as a photographer can remember the moment much more differently than the subject does. What a candid photo does is allow us to be imaginative and place emotions back into the photo based on how we "see" the photo (everyone sees and experiences color differently for example). Unposed photography also often shows a subjects true expression both on their face and in their body language. This almost always leads to a more "natural" look that so many brides and grooms fall in love with. What candid photography really captures is us- as humans. Candid photos are more relatable; capturing the emotions of the moment that can be lost with a pose. The more that we can identify with the subject at hand- the more we find ourselves emotionally moved by the photo. Without getting too philosophical- candid photography reflects mankind, honestly.

Candid pictures are by far the most interesting type of photo; when people don’t look at the camera and are not immediately aware that they are being photographed- the portrayed person is reacting in that moment not to the camera, but to their surroundings. As once a bride and twice a bridesmaid myself- I can honestly say that the photos and video snippets that we cherish the most are the ones that show us in the moment enjoying something that we remember (albeit even faintly recall) during the special event. The emotions from that special moment can be brought back and even altered by how the photographer captured it. This is why it's so important to hire a photographer whose style you LOVE. A photographer's true style is not reflected in how well they can pose you like your favorite picture in The Knot Magazine- but how uniquely they can reflect a special moment you shared from your big day when you didn't even realize they were watching.

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Chynna DeStefano-Pasquale is the owner of Bridoll Photography and an avid lover of weddings. She has been serving the Wedding industry since 2016 and also offers family and party photography.

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