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Affordable Months to Book Your Wedding on the East Coast

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

So... You've gotten engaged (YAY!) and celebrated with your friends and family and now the two of you are thinking about the budget for your big day. By far, the biggest ticket item will be your wedding venue. You want a place that not only fits your budget, but fits your style and reflects the two of you as a couple. So what can you do to help bring the cost down once you've found the venue of your dreams? As you're doing your googling you've probably come across some comments that suggest changing the month of your wedding might help bring the cost down. Being that the majority of my brides are located in New Jersey on the East Coast, that's where this article will focus on; however, the key takeaways can be applied to any area- just keep your weather patterns in mind.

When is Wedding Season? On the East Coast, the late spring and early fall are the most popular seasons for a wedding. Summers are typically hot and sticky (though if you have a beach wedding in mind, August can be a beautiful month to benefit from a breeze off the ocean and is after the dog-days of July). Winters can be bitterly cold and can sometimes present pop up snow storms or blizzards. If your guests are mostly local and you are willing to have your wedding at a venue at which your guests can stay the night (and not have to travel home in harsh conditions), you may be able to get a good deal on a venue in January, February, and early March.

Keep in mind that because this is a slower season for weddings, many associated vendors are also more open to negotiation. Always ask if there is any discount that can be offered due to the fact that your big day during the off-season. In a future post I will discuss booking "cancelled dates" and booking your venue in a window under 12-months which offers another alternative to saving on your big day. For other big ways to save, think about booking a freelance wedding photographer. Most freelancers are very passionate about their work and offer much lower prices than studios which have much higher overhead costs. If you're looking for an affordable wedding photographer- I would love to discuss your wedding ideas with you. Check out my website here!


Chynna DeStefano-Pasquale is the owner of Bridoll Photography and an avid lover of weddings. She has been serving the Wedding industry since 2016 and also offers family and party photography.#Wedding #Affordable #Venue #EventPlanning #Photography #Bride #Groom #Engagement #Cheap #EastCoast #NJPhotographer

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