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Best Day Ever! Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day

I shoot dozens of weddings per year, with that being said- I absolutely have some tips and tricks to help you make your big day perfect (or almost perfect!) By no means do you have to use all these tips, but even incorporating some of them will undoubtedly make your big day run a lot smoother overall!

Before the big day

Make a day of schedule and be sure to work in extra time and buffers! You will be grateful you did.

Plan to take pictures before your ceremony, if you can. It will take the edge off and make the rest of the day flow smoothly!

Send your "day of schedule" to all your wedding vendors and your venue. This sets timing expectations for everyone involved and is a good communication practice!

Get all of your beautiful details together including your invitation, wedding rings, shoes, perfume, jewelry etc that you want pictured in your flat lay together in one area to save your photographer some time! This will help them focus on being creative rather than looking for all your special things.

Pick an area you want your dress pictured in. The best location is somewhere high (that your dress isn't dragging in and either directly to the side of light or hanging on a window sill are two very beautiful and popular places. Keep in mind when the dress is placed on the window light will shine through it and show the dresses's hidden details. This is especially nice for see through dresses.

Drink plenty of water the week before your big day, it brightens your skin!

If possible, make plans for all your bridesmaids to get ready with you in the same location on the big day. The biggest cause of wedding day delays that I have seen is due to bridesmaids being late with makeup and hair or forgetting their dress.​​

On the Big Day​

Number one, stick to your day of schedule! Roll with the punches, but adhere to the overall timeline, it will minimize stress and let you get the most creative shots on your big day. 

Steer clear of any last minute changes- it will be too hard to communicate the changes to everyone involved on your big day.

SPEAK UP! If there is something you don't like about your hair and makeup, say something right away!

Don't drink too much before the ceremony. You want to look your best when you walk down the isle and when you take your vows.

EAT! Make sure you have a little breakfast (at least) and tell your bridal attendant to make sure that you get some food from cocktail hour. Even if you don't feel hungry- you will grow faint if you don't eat.

Don't freak out about your dress getting dirty. No white gown can stay perfect forever- embrace the fact that you are wearing your dress and that you won't wear it again!

Spend time with your hubby. It's easy to get wrapped up in the party with all your friends and family. Don't forget to steal a moment on your big day to take it all in.

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