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Bridal Trends in 2019 & Your Budget

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Succulent Bouquet

If you have either planned your own wedding or have been in a wedding in the past 5 years- I'm sure you have noticed the influence that the Boho-chic theme has had on all aspects of decor and dress for the big day. In my opinion, this eclectic theme has shown no signs of slowing down- especially in trying economic times, this theme can really be taken advantage of by the budget savvy bride. This year expect Boho weddings to feel more homey- such as a woodland wedding, with added new geometric shapes, succulent floral pieces and hanging centerpieces- which have also been growing in popularity.

Rustic venues with an airy, light and unique feel have also been coming into popularity. However- be wary! Traveling too far from the norm can be costly! Why? Your typical wedding venue packages your venue, ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner liquor/ food and often your cake all into one per person price. When choosing a venue that doesn't typically host weddings, like a museum, you need to find your own caterer, bar-tending service and find a bakery to make and deliver your cake. Getting these items piece-meal can definitely mean more customization, but they also most always mean more work and more money.

In 2019 brides will use flowers more as an accent to moss, succulents, and greenery- all items which were traditionally used as a filler. One of my brides in the summer of 2017 had a bouquet entirely of lavender- which both pictured beautifully and smelled so pretty! Accents of lavender were present in the aisle and ceremony arrangements and in the centerpieces at the reception- tying everything together. Keeping your bouquet choice simple also allows you room for greater creativity in other areas.

Another more modern and eclectic wedding trend that has taken root is having “squad” parties which are gender-mixed wedding parties instead of having bridesmaids on the bride’s side and groomsmen on the groom’s side. This makes for a more inclusive bridal party- leaving no one out regardless of their sex. The organic theme is also crossing over to wedding photography trends.

Couples are looking for wedding photos that seem more natural and candid and they do not hesitate to ask for this when interviewing potential photographers. In 2018, wedding photos were expected to have less evident post-processing- however- some timeless trends (black and white, film noir) are still very much "in". Photos seem "natural" just by being less posed when taken. To learn more about how my company can capture your big day candidly and on a budget in NJ- email me here. You can also check out my website here.

I expect these more natural, organic, unique & DIY trends will continue strong into 2019. As brides get more savvy and have a greater hand in planning their own weddings, they will look for ways to stand out and save money- and the boho/ eclectic theme offers money saving opportunity without sacrificing gorgeous results.


Chynna DeStefano-Pasquale is the owner of Bridoll Photography and an avid lover of weddings. She has been serving the Wedding industry since 2016 and also offers family and party photography.

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