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Planning Your Relaxed & Rustic Wedding

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I have absolutely loved the rise in the amount of rustic themed weddings that I have seen in the past few years! Have you considered the allure of rustic weddings or maybe even considered a rustic theme for your own wedding? You’re in luck- this article is all about tips/ tricks that will help you decide if a rustic theme is for you and ways for you to make sure you keep your theme cohesive (so it doesn’t get overwhelming or messy)! The truth is, rustic weddings allow us focus on the things that are meaningful and beautiful, not just trendy or fashionable at the time. Your wedding might be the most personal party you will every throw- so step number one is to consider how the theme of your wedding reflects the two of you. Let’s see if the rustic theme fits “you two” by understanding a traditional wedding first.

When we think of "traditional" weddings, the "white wedding" probably comes to mind. This style is complete with satin bows on chairs, crystal chandeliers and usually lots of roses and frills. This style is also synonymous with a more serious atmosphere- and no to say that weddings should not be taken seriously- but they should also be a lot of fun! Thankfully, weddings have loosened up quite a bit from their frilly roots! Now more often than not, I hear couples say they want to think of their big day as a huge party with close family and friends where they just so happen to get married.

Choosing to go rustic can really bring a fun and relaxed tone to your big day. Furthermore, if you are really looking to try some DIY for your big day or are trying to do things eclectically to save some money- this is the theme for you! Rustic details are only enhanced by handmade, crafty items and are by far the easiest to pass off as professionally done!

Below are some tips for creating a beautiful relaxed and rustic wedding that still has all the flow and style that a traditional wedding would have!

1) Pick a color pallet for your big day. Selecting a color pallet (including those with complementary colors) creates flow and cohesion. Be careful when selecting colors- competing colors or tones can easily look messy. If you have a bright, bold palette of reds, oranges, blues and yellows for example, pastels will look out of place.

2) Opt for homestyle and simple foods that everyone likes. Wedding days are often very long for the bride and groom, bridal party and the vendors! Your guests might be coming a long way as well and take time and spend effort to look amazing for your big day- so it is not the time for tiny plates of food! Hearty and abundant food that people can share instantly creates the relaxed feeling of a family celebration with a wow factor over the amount of food!

3) Up cycle by saving bottles and jars for flower arrangements! You cannot skip this step! No

rustic wedding is complete without mismatched glass pieces and flowers. Try to stick to clear glass so that your flower colors are highlighted and your tables don’t look out of place. The key to perfectly mismatched items is a variation heights for your bottles/ jars. Little clusters of flower arrangements in jars are just as beautiful as single flowers in little bottles. Coupling both looks with a few fuller arrangements will make your centerpieces look soft, romantic and natural.

4) You cannot have enough flowers. You also cannot have enough different types of flowers. Take a look at some of the pictures I took at my friend’s wedding in Asbury Park in this very article. The flowers Lindsay choose for her bouquets and the centerpieces were not cheap, but they lent such a unique feeling to both her ensemble and the décor. Flowers make an empty space feel full and add vibrancy, color and even sometimes- a beautiful scent. Look around for wholesalers for your rustic wedding if you want to save some money on your fresh flowers! Rustic means you can have a looser bouquet than normal- which is easier to put together! Picking out your own wholesale flowers is also an amazing way to get the exact look you want and adds another layer of personalization to your big day.

5) Consider the lighting in and around your venue. Soft and warm lighting is the key to a romantic setting. Candles lend a seductive low light, which makes the atmosphere inviting for guests and encourages conversation. Whether in you decide to use smaller tea lights or pillar candles- they are sure to add an unmatched glow (and make for a beautiful picture too). If you can find a venue that also has string lights on the ceiling, you’re in luck. These create a gorgeous glow and also make for unparalleled photos.

6) Lend a natural feeling to your big day by incorporating raw cotton, natural wood, simple foliage, distressed surfaces and vintage pieces. When paired with a few more luxurious details (full blown summer roses, crystal glassware, letter-pressed menus or schedules and bubbly- it creates a contrast that is both relaxed and special. You can be as imaginative or as unique as you want to create a gorgeous combination of old and new here!

7) Be you. Make sure you find a venue that you truly love and that reflects you as a couple. A venue that you adore really shouldn’t need that much dressing up- and keeping it simple is what rustic is all about! A few personal touches- such as your favorite music, photos of you and the décor you put your hard work into is what your guests will remember and what will make the day truly yours.


Chynna DeStefano-Pasquale is the owner of Bridoll Photography and an avid lover of weddings. She has been serving the Wedding industry since 2016 and also offers family and party photography.


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