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Shooting When It's NOT Your Job

I never go anywhere (where there's a bride especially) without my Canon 80D. Last night I had the pleasure of attending a graduate school friend's wedding. The wedding took place in the quaint Lafayette Village on Route 15 in North West New Jersey. I have fond memories of the village from visiting years ago with my family. Amidst the joy of the night came some very touching stories- the age old tale of two cultures colliding and the world we know today trying to keep them apart. Only the strongest among us dare to go against the forces of society. This couple truly embodies that strength through the choices and sacrifices that they have made for each other. Through their celebration I could feel the satisfaction that is only felt when one follows their heart. I could not be happier for my friend and her husband.

There also comes a certain satisfaction from photographing a wedding that you are not hired to shoot. I am able to capture in a more relaxed way and I can also practice my own artistic style (when I'm not following the guidelines of my client). They say practice makes perfect and that might not be true- since it's hard to be "perfect" in the realm of art- but it certainly helps you to deliver a higher quality product to every client you serve afterwards. It truly brings me joy to photograph things for my friends- because not only am I having fun doing something I love- but I'm capturing the joy between my friend and myself. For that moment they might not see the flash of a camera- but a friendly smile and they smile back... and like that a memory is saved forever.

I try to get to know every client before their big day, whether that be through an informal meeting or in an engagement shoot. I don't just do this because it helps me to get to know my client's expecations, but I do this for the ultimate good of my client. It helps me to capture them on their big day the same way I would do for a friend at a wedding where I am not hired to shoot. When we are comfortable with each other, my client ends up getting a collection that looks so much more natural- ultimately leading to a collection that they will absolutely cherish forever. Contact me here for you photography needs. Check out my website here.


Chynna DeStefano-Pasquale is the owner of Bridoll Photography and an avid lover of weddings. She has been serving the Wedding industry since 2016 and also offers family and party photography.

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