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Tying the Knot at The Elan

On December 16, 2018, Esmeilin and Kevon tied the knot at the Elan in Lodi, NJ. They began their day at the Holiday Inn Hasbrouck Heights-Meadowlands Hotel. The hotel provided the perfect backdrop for their getting ready photos and their first look.

The hotel has a very unique wall of faux foliage that puts living foliage walls to shame! Recently popular- foliage walls with neon or rustic signs adorn some of the most popular wedding websites and magazines! The best part about this foliage wall? It's absolutely FREE and makes for some totally unique photos to add to your collection.

Possibly the best part about choosing this hotel is the fact that it was only 5 minutes away from the venue! This really came in handy when the bride accidentally left her veil behind at the hotel! The best man saved the day by making a quick trip back to the venue in the rain to make sure the bride was all ready for the ceremony!

The Elan welcomed my client's bridal party happily and led them right to their bridal suites. The bride was graciously offered champagne and another special drink to ease her nerves before the ceremony. The reception room was decorated before we even arrived and was ready for photos! The venue did a beautiful job arranging the room and took care in placing the details perfectly. The ceremony room at the Elan is absolutely filled with light and makes for dynamic and unique photos that are not dark or riddled with shadows. I have to go a step further and compliment the fact that the windows are both above and to the sides of the guests, making for a pleasant scene between the bride and the groom- as when windows are behind the ceremony, photos tend to be toned poorly.

From start to finish, my clients loved their wedding at the Elan and said it worth every penny even thought it didn't break the bank!

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